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  There are currently 6 missing person reports active  

MISSING PERSON • Lance Davis • Johnson City, Tennessee • 23 Years Old

MISSING PERSON • Lance Davis • Johnson City, Tennessee • 23 Years Old

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JOHNSON CITY — The Johnson City Police Department is asking for the local public’s assistance in locating missing 23 year old Lance Davis out of the Johnson City, Tennessee area.

Lance was last seen around 10:00 pm at home on June 19, 2017 when he told his roommate he was going to bed.


Lance had on a blue flannel button up shirt and blue jeans when he disappeared. 

Lance is described as:

• GENDER: Male.
• HAIR: Brown.
• EYES: Brown.
• HEIGHT: 5 foot 11.
• WEIGHT: 170 pounds.
• OTHER: Lance has multiple tattoos: Davis on his back, est. 2003 on his chest, praying hands and two roses on his forearms and a cross on his upper arm along with a few more that there are no details provided.


Lance Davis
Lance Davis
Do you know something?

If you have any information in regards to Lance’s whereabouts, you are being asked to contact the Johnson City Police Department at 423-434-6000 immediately.

Want to stay anonymous?

If you wish to remain anonymous with your information, you are welcome to call Johnson City Crimestopper Department at 423-434-6158, or submit your tip online at Johnson City Criminal Investigations Division.


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One comment on this report

  • June 20, 2021 at 8:40 pm

    Our church, The Warrior Church, was surprised by an elderly visitor this morning who stated he is from Johnson City. We are in Gulf Breeze, FL, right along the Gulf Coast. He was exhausted, seemed a little disoriented, and stated that a female (we do not completely understand the dynamics/circumstances other than “what she did to me was wrong”) had dumped him there last night, Sat. June 19. We had a Tropical Storm last night and we could not determine the timeframe of when or long he had been “abandoned.” The gentleman stated that his name is Hyman Gatlin; a thin, black male with very short, graying hair, glasses (I believe they were tinted but now can’t recall), and overall good appearance of clean clothing and shoes, as well as good hygiene/grooming. He had 2 tote/duffel bags with him and a beat up Tablet. He was welcomed in for coffee and a variety of breakfast items, although he only took a donut and coffee. A quiet man with a slight speech impediment, he did inform us that he could not read when we offered to share one of the many study Bibles on the tables in order to attend with us if he chose. He listened to the service for a brief time (we sit at a long table and eat while discussing the Word ) then wandered out to what is actually a storefront space of our space in a strip mall and rested in a rocking chair, seeming to doze. The Santa Rosa Co. Sheriff’s Dept. sent a Dep. to assess his situation and health. Two paramedics arrived to evaluate him; all was well. They offered to transport him to Pensacola in order to be closer to the bus station, but in doing so, they would have had to admit him to the ER for further assessment–only to be released when all was said and done as they found nothing amiss medically. He would’ve just been ultimately released and with a big, useless medical bill. We do know he had a current insurance card on him. The Dep. was literally the only one on duty and would have had to leave the county in order to take him to the bus station across the bridge about 40min. away. After assurance from us that he was not a hindrance and that we, as a small gathering of Christians, would look after him and to help him get back home, the very kind young Dep. left him in our care. While holding church, several of us jumped on our phones to get bus info, and tried multiple times to arrange and pay for an Uber driver to transport him to a mission over there where he would have to wait 3 days for the next bus to JC. No dice, so one of our guys ended up driving him after church was over. We wrapped up some of the breakfast sausage/egg/cheese pastry cups, muffins, and glazed donuts to tide him over and our young Pastor provided him cash for–either a room or a small service/in-kind donation charge for the mission??–I don’t know how they left it–but regardless, we wanted his family/friends to rest assured that he would be on his way home shortly, safe and sound. He took a couple of group pictures of all us “for my friends back home to see who helped me.” He sort of vaguely indicated to me that his family considered him to be “missing” when I asked him about calling and updating us upon his safe return home. I don’t think he quite understood my request. He said several times “I have my own phone,” but we did not see evidence of one. I asked if there was any family/friends I could call to let therm know but he said he didn’t remember any numbers. He did take out a small notebook and pen to write one our numbers down, then got distracted so I am unsure if the member who drove him over was able to obtain/share contact info or not. I will try calling the JC authorities as well as I have found nothing yet to indicate that he is indeed listed as missing. Hoping that his family/friends will see this and feel better!! Prayers for his safe return! God bless Mr. Gatlin! You’re new friends will be here if you need us in future. (850) 490-7731.


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