6 missing reports are active  

  There are currently 6 missing person reports active  

Thank You for Donating!

Thank You for Donating!

We at The Missing Report are doing all that we can do to continue the growth of the project, entering new countries every month. As of right now, we’ve got divisions covering all of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean islands, and some native English Asian islands such as Singapore, and we’re hoping to keep on growing at a steady pace.

If you were to donate to The Missing Report, your money would be put towards developing future divisions, paying translators/trainers to train new Report Editors in tens of countries around the world, and the development and constant updating of our very own The Missing Report smartphone app.

Some monies would be put towards marketing and advertising, in an attempt to garner the largest number of followers as possible. The more eyes that see our reports, the better the chance someone who knows something will be able to speak up.

We do our best to reach the broadest range of people, using multiple platforms on social media, and impeccable search engine optimization.

If you would love to help with the growth and continued efforts of The Missing Report and its team, you can donate using the button below:


Every dollar helps. Thank you ever so much!

Jody Mitoma
Founder & Owner of The Missing Report

We're here to make updates when necessary. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Please provide us with a source to your information. Thank you very much.
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